I do not want to be stuck.
How am I supposed to dance around hole and not expect to …fall?
I always think it’s me, always too much
I think that what I think isn’t valid and it’s rough.
All this drama, all this fussin, all this “it will come soon, honey”
So I’m supposed to sit around again?

Another year, he says.
This isn’t the life I want.
Another year.

I have this constant battle, back and forth
It’s within me at the core.
I can’t keep complaining cause it weighs me, shows weakness when I don’t this;don’t tell them to keep secrets.

I don’t need you to protect me.
I need to become vulnerable to the uncomfortable that way I can come out with something, tho.
You deprive me of experience while handing me another, like my mother

I am not this person.
I am not angry. I am not envious. I do not wish to be in any one else’s shoes.
Don’t deprive me.
I am not a angst. I am not irrational. I am not a tantrum.
Don’t deprive me.
I am not confined to “sensitive subjects”. I am not crippled. I do not need saving.
You can not save me.

I’m just saying, at the end of every day, just have to think about what will move us forward. Not about the obstacles that we essentially avoid and leave to wither in a pool of emotion.

We are human.
We are animals.
We are not meant to be perfect.

We are not meant to be perfect.




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